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Help us grow green African start-ups and turn your donation into an investment, effectively. Starting a positive cycle of developing jobs, purpose and dignity – without end.
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We believe in the power of the individual, their dreams and their drive, to change fortunes and improve futures. That’s why we don’t donate to the poor. We invest in people.

As a non-profit we build green start-ups in Africa. Not giving to those in need, but instead empowering them as producers, artisans, business leaders, retailers … Turning development aid into social investments that provide not only jobs and growth, but purpose, dignity and prospects. In short: Better futures, for all of us.

Impacc – business for better

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Business as a force for good

Traditionally, donations are used to start an aid project; when the money is spent, the project ends and a new project starts with new money, often in the same place.

We at Impacc invest your donations in socially and ecologically sustainable local businesses that generate returns, not only for themselves but for their entire community. We start the engine of development – and make sure it keeps running.

Find & scale green business ideas make businessa force for good
Lower barriers, combine aid with revenue makemarketswork for the poor
Sustainable revenues break the vicious cycle of poverty investmentsthat generatereturns

Our Ventures

It is Impacc’s mission to support social and sustainable enterprises in fragile markets in building local businesses with local resources for local workers and consumers. We then help them to scale their proven concepts by growing geographically and spread their positive impact.

To do this, we set up joint ventures with local entrepreneurs, advise them on scaling the business model, and connect them with potential franchisees.

Impacc in the media

“Anker im Arbeitsalltag”

Ziegelsteine aus Plastik made in Kenia

“Wie aus drei Reisenden, Held:innen für die Nachhaltigkeitsziele wurden”

Prototyp – Idee sucht Geld

“Bunt, Stabil und Günstig – Pflastersteine aus Plastik”

“Wieso die Peter Schmidt Group beim Toilettenbau in Ghana hilft”

“Venture Capital der guten Sache”

“Faire Geschäftsbeziehungen sind wichtiger als Begrifflichkeiten”

Our supporters & partners

Many thanks to our partners who have helped us create impact from the start:

Financial Support

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