Donate with a true developmental impact: Help social start-ups create jobs and strengthen their communities.


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As a non-profit we build green start-ups in Africa. Not giving to those in need, but instead empowering them as producers, artisans, business leaders, retailers. Turning development aid into social investments that provide not only jobs and growth, but purpose, dignity and prospects. In short: Better futures, for all of us.
We provide financial, technical, and operational support to startups in areas of extreme poverty, helping them develop their business models and scale their impact.

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As a philanthropic investor, we measure our return not just finacially, but in jobs created and well-being secured.
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As an NGO, Impacc ensures that 100% of your donation goes directly towards empowering businesses in developing countries.

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Let your corporate donations work harder and more strategically, providing benefits to Africa as well as your company and employees.

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Let your business flourish with our patient capital, start-up building skills and network to reach millions of people at the base of the pyramid.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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About development cooperation of the future: our work with our start-up
NBC about our work in Africa, MD Anne Lawi and our teamwork on the continent

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Our Impact Measurement Is Taking Shape


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Join the Team: Head of Comms
SMS Service Kicks Out Middlemen
Our Impact Measurement Is Taking Shape

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