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August 2021 Newsletter

The summer months have seen some exciting developments at Impacc. I am writing with fresh impressions from Ghana, where I have been blown away by our new investment candidate and am more convinced then ever by our approach.­Our portfolio is growing: we are overwhelmed...

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June 2021 Newsletter

It is high time that I get you up to date again on all the latest developments at Impacc: I used a moment of calm in Covid-19 numbers to work in Africa where our team has grown, and funding is secured. And in Europe, spreading the word has brought first results.

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Corona in Africa – not the biggest problem

I get increasingly annoyed about how the Global North is talking about Corona in Africa. In mainstream media (and in most discussions), there are two lines of argument that dominate debate. One is alarmist in nature: it talks about virus variants “raging through South Africa” or the “alarming” lack of vaccinations and testing on the continent. The other professes to be moral: it talks about equity and how unfair it is that Africa doesn’t get its fair share of vaccinations.

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It’s not just a question of hygiene

Most children in Uganda, especially in rural areas, do not receive any sexual education. Girls are caught completely unawares of their first period. This makes them vulnerable in several ways: They are made fun of at school when they experience leakage during their...

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Rethinking Development Aid

Impacc was born in 2019 out of a frustration with the standard project approach to development aid: Money is used to start a project; when all is spent, the project ends and a new project starts with new money, often in the same place.  We believe that there is a...

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Business as a force for good

We use the tools of business to meet social challenges. We identify local green business ideas that have already had first proof of concept and help them grow by scaling their business through  a franchise system into other  regions and countries. Our aim is...

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