Please find the frequent asked questions below. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact ventures@impacc.org

I’m not in any of the countries that are listed on the application form but I have a great idea that I believe will be a fit for the program. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately, we are only focussed on these countries, our decisions was guided by our capacity and ability to support ventures in these areas effectively. However,we will be open to more regions in future.

Can I send my application via email?

No. Only applications submitted via the application form will be considered. In case of any technical issues experienced while applying, send an email to ventures@impacc.org and someone will guide you.

Can I preview the full application form to prepare the answers?

Yes, you can download the full form here.

How exactly does Impacc work?

We fundraise for donations ( both from the private and public sectors) and turn them into investments into our portfolio ventures, based on their fundraising needs. For more details, see the section titled “What We Do

What are your ticket sizes?

Our ticket sizes are between $30,000 to $150,000 per venture.

What are your eligibility criteria?

Click this link for an exhaustive list of what we’re looking for.

How far along should I be before applying?

Our focus is on growth-stage ventures- companies that are already seeing traction, have a strong customer base, and generating revenue ( in our case, we’re looking at approx USD 20,000 per month for at least 6 months). These ventures that we’re looking for are looking for a capital injection to move them to the next stage of their growth.

Although growth stage businesses are ideal, we also recognize that there might be businesses in the early stage that meet our eligibility criteria, for instance, they have revenue of up to USD 20,000  annually. We encourage them to apply as well.

We submitted our application but need to edit it - what should we do?

Your application enters our review process once you submit it, so we don’t allow continuous editing. If something material has changed – like a cofounder addition/removal, or if you want to pull out of the application process – please email us at ventures@impacc.org 


Do you focus on any specific sectors to invest in?

No, we do not. We’re sector agnostic- so long as the venture is creating green jobs, supporting the bottom of the pyramid, and is either low-tech or no tech.


Do you take equity in the ventures that you support?

We take equity- the exact details are discussed with the ventures based on the funding they seek to raise.

I already have funding. Should I still apply?

    Yes. Our average portfolio company is typically raising $30K to $150K in funding either before or while starting the program, some as much as $1M. Since our value add is not only financial but also operational support, the more important question for entrepreneurs to answer is whether they believe that Impacc can help accelerate the growth of their businesses, operating metrics, and fundraising -thus making the company significantly more valuable after the program.


    If my application isn’t accepted the first time that I apply, should I apply again at a later time?

      Definitely! It all comes down to timing, additional traction, and proof points which can make the difference the second time.

      Will proprietary information about my venture be shared or made public?

        No – Impacc will not reveal any application information to the public without the direct consent of the entrepreneurs. Once in the program, we will help to market you and increase your profile through our storytelling tools such as posting videos, writing blog posts, and also featuring you in various interviews that we are invited to.

        Can you share more about the franchising model?

          Our goal is to build ventures that have a scalable model which can grow into other self-sustaining frameworks such as collaboration with existing markets or distribution channels to enter new markets, all focussed on creating green jobs, supporting the bottom of the pyramid and are sustainable. 


          What other support do you offer, aside from financial support?

              We partner and walk closely with our ventures to provide an all-rounded experience throughout our mutual engagement. We offer mentorship from key industry experts and coaches to provide tailored support, access to the wider Impacc network that our ventures can tap into, strategic advice and business modeling, linkages to further investment opportunities as well as fundraising support and tools.