We turn donations into social investments

Support ventures that align with your company’s identity, goals, and industry. As a non-profit, we build green start-ups in Africa that engage the extremely poor as entrepreneurs, producers, and consumers.

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Our Offering

How partnering with impacc can help your business

Tailor-made donations

Impacc matches you with ventures that fit your company’s strategic goals, identity and industry

Integrated communication

Boosting social impact awareness by bringing regular venture & impact updates to employees and other stakeholders, using their existing communication channels

Employee engagement

Employees can select a venture to personally support through engagement programs, including company top-up donations and an embed team programme

Impact reporting

We measure your company’s contribution, impact and progress towards sustainability goals, and provide relevant material e. g. for your sustainability report.

Support our New Ventures

Marbi Agrics

Mumias, Kenya
Status: Fundraising
Jobs created: 380

Marbi Agrics is a social agri-tech startup offering quality farm inputs such as hybrid seeds e.g. maize, beans and groundnuts and fertilizer on credit to smallholder farmers in western part of Kenya. Marbi was started to address smallholder farmers’ low access to credit and quality farm inputs, which resulted in low/no levels of income and therefore, poor quality of life.

No Poverty Zero Hunger Quality EducationGender EqualityDecent Work & Economic Growth

Africa Collect Textiles

Status: Fundraising
Jobs created: 12
ACT Ltd is a social enterprise that is creating an inclusive textile value chain by installing business units for collection, sorting, recycling, upselling and reselling of used textiles and footwear. They aim to not only provide low-income communities with decent and affordable outfits, but also to build the foundation for a circular fashion industry.
No Poverty Decent Work & Economic Growth Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure Responsible Consumption & Production


Kisumu, Kenya
Status: Fundraising
Jobs created: 83
M-shamba supports smallholder farmers in the production of safe and quality food & thereafter, using their digital platform that supports digital learning on agronomy, regenerative agriculture & food safety to farmers through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service, USSD & interactive SMS.
No Poverty Zero Hunger Quality EducationGender EqualityDecent Work & Economic Growth

Gjenge Markers

Nairobi, Kenya
Status: Fundraising
Jobs created: 88
Only 15% of plastic waste generated in Kenya ist recycled. Expensive building materials significantly contribute to the lack of affordable housing. The Gjenge Makers paving stones made from plastic waste are 7 times stronger than concrete blocks while only weighing half and contributing to the circular economy.
No Poverty Gender EqualityDecent Work & Economic Growth Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure Responsible Consumption & Production

Find the right venture to support as a company

Identify the venture that best aligns with your company’s mission and strategic goals

How impacc maximizes your impact

We make your donations work harder

Instead of backing one-time projects, your donations will help build sustainable businesses and generate returns.

We build green businesses as a force for good

The ventures we back are chosen for their potential to alleviate poverty and ecological sustainability.

We care about widening the impact

The businesses you back benefit not only themselves, but also the environment and local communities.

We help where it is most needed

The jobs we create help secure the livelihood and health for the most underprivileged communities.

Let’s work together

If you’re interested in getting involved and have questions about our process, or ventures, let us know. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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