We Turn Donations into Social Investments

We find your African start-up that supports your cause:

  • You want to spent your donation budget more efficient and sustainable?
  • You believe in long-term growth instead of project driven aid? 
  • You are passionate about finding new solutions to improving your companies social and environmental impact? 
  • You are looking for a more altruistic way of investing? 
Future Made in Africa


Our Offering

How Partnering With Impacc Can Help Your Cause

Tailor-Made Donations

Companies benefit from tailored donations at Impacc, aligning contributions with strategic goals and industry focus. 

By understanding each company’s objectives, Impacc matches them with relevant African start-ups, ensuring meaningful impact and a sense of purpose.

Integrated Communication

Impacc provides partners with impactful communication tools, updating employees and stakeholders on supported start-ups’ progress. 

These updates seamlessly integrate into existing channels like newsletters and social media, enhancing corporate social responsibility engagement and inspiring positive change participation.

Employee Engagement

Impacc boosts employee engagement in corporate partnerships through: Inspirational stories and individual engagement.

  1. Inspirational Stories: Sharing impactful start-up stories fosters employee pride and connection.
  2. Individual Engagement: Programs like expert exchanges deepen employee involvement and personal growth.
Impact Reporting

Impacc provides data-driven impact reporting for informed decisions and sustainability reporting. 

This enhances accountability, transparency, and brand image, attracting socially conscious consumers and investors. Partnering with Impacc aligns CSR efforts with values and drives positive change in Africa.


Becoming an Impacc Partner

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you, learn about your business & ESG-Strategy

Discover call

We get to know your company's needs and introduce you to our approach & fitting start-ups

Partnership kick-off

When we find a matching start-up (portfolio), we kick off our partnership with a first donation & the onboarding to our B2B platform

Access exclusive content

Share stories, success & innovative start-up stories with your employees

Impact reporting

Provide your employees and stakeholders insights about the impact of your engagement via your impact reporting


Explore Our B2B-Platform

Your employees want to stay informed about your commitment?
How does your donation create an impact?
Do you wish to integrate your donation’s impact into your ESG reporting?

Platform Homepage

  • Overview of your supported SDGs – click to learn more about the goals.
  • An overview of your start-ups.
  • Reporting on the impact of your donation as an interactive dashboard & Excel download – click to learn more about the numbers and the validation.
  • New stories in the newsfeed to like & share.

STart-Up Pages

  • Discover detailed information about the work, innovation, and impact of the start-ups on their profiles.
  • Learn about the impact of the start-up and your own contribution
  • Track the progress, story, and updates in story formats and download content.

Case Study

Successful Partnerships

Impacc and HHM’s Partnership Fuels Gjenge Makers’ Growth
Partnerships: We don’t just give money
Our B2B-Platform opens up new sources of finance

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Our partnership with Impacc is flexible and lasts as long as both parties wish to collaborate, adapting to changing needs and goals. We are dedicated to fostering enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships with our collaborators.

A partnership with Impacc offers tailored options for donor companies. We customize a startup portfolio to align with your sustainability goals and industry interests. You gain access to our B2B platform for communication materials and impact reporting, enabling your employees to participate in the Impacc journey. We can also explore additional personalized engagement opportunities.

We support direct interaction between donor companies and start-ups. We’re working on a forum on the B2B platform for knowledge and industry exchange.

Yes, partner companies are welcome to support more than one start-up. In fact, it often makes sense to do so in order to accurately reflect the company’s sustainability goals within the donation portfolio.

We issue an official donation receipt that is recognized by the German tax authorities. Therefore, donations are tax-deductible in Germany. This may vary for other countries.


Support our Start-ups

Support Active
Gjenge Makers
Gjenge Makers turn plastic waste into affordable building materials. They shred and press plastic into bricks and pavers that are 7x stronger and 50% lighter than concrete.
Support Active
Africa Collect Textiles
ACT are a pioneer in textile recycling. They turn used guard uniforms into fancy backpacks, weave carpets out of old jeans, and create filling material for the furniture industry.
Support Active
Marbi Agrics
Marbi Agrics is a provider of credit-based quality seeds to smallholders in Kenya that allows them to increase yields and quality.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Nzambi Mattée
Founder & CEO of Gjenge Makers

“Impacc came on board and saw the vision and the mission & said “we want to support” – it has been amazing!”

Norbert Müller

Norbert Möller
Executive Creative Director of Peter-Schmidt-Group

About the collaboration with WASHKING: “An agency professional in Europe rarely encounters such pride for one’s own company and the joy and gratitude of having someone by one’s side to support one’s performance.”

C Wey

Christoph Wey
Leiter Marketing & Communication of HHM

“At HHM, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration, where innovation and impact converge, and supporting Gjenge makers through Impacc isn’t just a partnership; it’s a shared journey towards sustainable change.”

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