It’s not just a question of hygiene

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Background

Most children in Uganda, especially in rural areas, do not receive any sexual education. Girls are caught completely unawares of their first period. This makes them vulnerable in several ways: They are made fun of at school when they experience leakage during their period or even worse: sexual predators take advantage of their ignorance, promising them relief from their periods if they have sex with them – failing to mention that the reason for this would be a pregnancy. 

MakaPads therefor offers menstrual hygiene management courses to schools, religious communities and other potential positive influencers in order to teach both girls and boys, as well as their family and social network to demystify and destigmatize the period. They insist on including boys and men to prevent girls from being teased or worse because of the menstruation. Extending awareness of female hygiene to their wider families, on the other hand, ensures that the need for sanitary pads is understood and considered in the family budget.

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