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The application window 2024 is open and will close in May 2024. If interested, submit your introduction application and if you qualify to move to the next stage of application, we shall invite you to submit a detailed application. 

Become an impacc start-up

Gain Scale and
Strategic Support

From personalized mentoring and strategic insights to access to funding opportunities and industry connections. With our cutting-edge resources, expert guidance, and extensive network, we provide the perfect ecosystem for your venture to thrive. Whether you’re a start-up looking to make a big impact or an established SME with social or sustainable impact aiming to scale even further, Impacc is your ultimate partner in success.


Application Criteria

What are we looking for?

To ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation process, Impacc has established specific criteria that must be met by applicants. Keep in mind, you don’t have to check all boxes.

Business stage of growth

We consider social businesses that have been operating for more than two years, and are generating annual revenues between USD 20,000 to USD 150,000. Our aim is to help these businesses achieve a growth goal of USD 200,000 within two years.

Innovation and Job Creation

We give priority to innovative social businesses that contribute to the creation of local green jobs and uplift the living standards of communities at the base of the pyramid. We are open to discussing a franchise approach as part of your scaling strategy.

Market Potential

We are interested in social businesses with clear plans for regional scale and growth, focusing on making a positive impact on millions of individuals living on less than $2 a day in Africa. It is important for these businesses to have a well-defined profitability roadmap.

Strong Team

We value founding teams with relevant expertise and capabilities. Clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and a dedicated time commitment are vital for success. Understanding the local operational, geographical, political, or social context is essential.


We are particularly interested in businesses that have the potential to scale effectively. Commitment to data-driven decision-making and a willingness to share lessons learned are crucial attributes we look for.

Social Impact

We require a clear and demonstrable plan for generating impact. It’s important that the impact is trackable and measurable. We encourage a commitment to self-evaluation and the active collection of data.

Application Process

Six Steps to Become an Impacc Start-Up

In order to make sure that you fit our investment criteria, we undertake a rigorous selection and due diligence process. Once we have decided to invest, we will run a fundraising campaign to close a raise for your business. While we aim to invest individually, it may take 6-12 months, form selection to successful raise of investment.

Fill out the form to give us an insight into your business. This will include, among other things, your business model, competitive analysis, and budgetary projections. 

If you are selected as a potential Impacc investment candidate, our investment committee will undertake an extensive due diligence of your business. This will include a desk review of your documentation, reference calls, physical visits, and input from external technical experts.

The investment committee makes its final decision based on the outcome of the due diligence process after careful consideration and communicates it to the successful candidates.

Once your business has been conditionally approved for investment, you will both sign a Letter of Commitment (LOC), kickstarting your formal engagement with Impacc. Impacc will then run a fundraising campaign introducing all selected businesses. This campaign may take up to 12 months to successfully close a raise, depending on the amount and the attractiveness of the business case. 

After a successful raise, a valuation process will be undertaken and an investment agreement entered into. Funds will be disbursed in tranches, pegged on completed growth milestones. Alongside funding and to further support in attaining envisioned growth, the ventures will receive in depth technical support such as executive coaching, technical expertise, go to market strategies, linkages to strategic partners as well as further fundraising opportunities.

impacc Support

Becoming an
Impacc Start-Up

MaY 31st

Closing of application window

March - June

Shortlisting and selection to 15 finalists

July - Sept

Due deligence process

Oct - Dec

Onboarding of 6 final Cohort 3 start-ups

impacc Business Building

What do we offer?

Oftentimes, investors demand quick profitability from their investees, which can dilute their social mission. While Impacc is a demanding investor, our patient capital approach allows you the time you need to build something great, while our expertise helps you get there, faster.

Financial Support
  • Smart equity investment between $30,000 and $150,000.
  • Non-profit, minority shareholding.
  • Based on agreed business valuation and investment consideration.
  • Potential to receive additional loan facility beyond initial equity funding to scale the business further.
  • Further fundraising support and tools.
Business Growth Support
  • As an investor in the business, we become a partner that provides guidance on strategy and planning.
  • Impacc occupies 1 to 2 board seats.
  • The business receives mentorship from key industry expertise and coaches to provide tailored support.
  • Social media strategy support.
  • Specialised, one on one coaching with founders.
  • Access to the Impacc global network and partners to help grow and scale the business.
  • Branding strategy support.

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More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to reach out to us with your questions or requests via Contact page or email at Our team will be happy to assist you and provide the necessary information.

Collaboration & Support:

Click this link for an exhaustive list of what we’re looking for.

Our ticket sizes are between $30,000 to $150,000 per venture.

We take equity- the exact details are discussed with the ventures based on the funding they seek to raise.

We partner and walk closely with our businesses to provide an all-rounded experience throughout our mutual engagement. We offer mentorship from key industry experts and coaches to provide tailored support, access to the wider Impacc network that our businesses can tap into, strategic advice and business modeling, linkages to further investment opportunities as well as fundraising support and tools.

The next step is to sign a Letter of Commitment (LOC), that simply states both parties obligation to each other, and Impacc’s commitment to fundraising for the start-ups. Impacc will provide visibility and occasional access to venture training and mentorship. Once the funds have been raised within a period of 12 months, both parties will sign a Letter of Intent (LOI), followed by the investment agreement stipulating terms of investment

We have a patient long term investment approach toward our investment portfolio. We aim for a no-loss exit after about 10 years and ideally sell back to you or existing shareholders. 

Your application enters our review process once you submit it, so we don’t allow continuous editing. If something material has changed – like a cofounder addition/removal, or if you want to pull out of the application process – please email us at

No. Impacc will not reveal any application information to the public without the direct consent of the entrepreneurs. Once in the program, we will help to market you and increase your profile through our storytelling tools such as posting videos, writing blog posts, and also featuring you in various interviews that we are invited to.

Application Process:

Yes. Our average portfolio company is typically raising $30K to $150K in funding either before or while starting the program, some as much as $1M. Since our value add is not only financial but also operational support, the more important question for entrepreneurs to answer is whether they believe that Impacc can help accelerate the growth of their businesses, operating metrics, and fundraising -thus making the company significantly more valuable after the program.

Unfortunately, we are only focussed on these countries, our decisions was guided by our capacity and ability to support ventures in these areas effectively. However, we will be open to more regions in future.

No. Only applications submitted via the application form will be considered. In case of any technical issues experienced while applying, send an email to and someone will guide you.

Definitely! It all comes down to timing, additional traction, and proof points which can make the difference the second time.

About Impacc:

We fundraise for donations ( both from the private and public sectors) and turn them into investments into our portfolio ventures, based on their fundraising needs. For more details, see the section titled “What We Do

No, we do not. We’re sector agnostic- so long as the venture is creating green jobs, supporting the bottom of the pyramid, and is either low-tech or no tech.

Our goal is to build ventures that have a scalable model which can grow into other self-sustaining frameworks such as collaboration with existing markets or distribution channels to enter new markets, all focussed on creating green jobs, supporting the bottom of the pyramid and are sustainable.

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