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We select innovative, local, green businesses that have the potential to create jobs and prospects at the base of the pyramid. Our founders impress us with their optimism and energy.


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From Plastic Bricks to Digital Farming Services.

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Gjenge Makers
Gjenge Makers turn plastic waste into affordable building materials. They shred and press plastic into bricks and pavers that are 7x stronger and 50% lighter than concrete.
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Africa Collect Textiles
ACT are a pioneer in textile recycling. They turn used guard uniforms into fancy backpacks, weave carpets out of old jeans, and create filling material for the furniture industry.
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Marbi Agrics
Marbi Agrics is a provider of credit-based quality seeds to smallholders in Kenya that allows them to increase yields and quality.
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M-Shamba is a low-tech digital marketplace for smallholder farmers that enables more than 50,000 farmers to sell their produce across regional borders.
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WASHKING makes bio-digester toilets for slums in Ghana, reducing fecal waste by 90%, converting it into fertilizer. Their pay-per-use model makes toilets affordable for slum dwellers and ensures dignity, safety, and hygiene.
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Many girls don’t go to school during their periods; pads are expensive and clog up toilets. Makapads are biodegradable sanitary pads made from papyrus.

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Impacc works exclusively with businesses on the African continent to address unique challenges, leverage local expertise, build partnerships, achieve scalable impact, and create lasting change in the region. We aim to open one new country office per year.