Social Venture Builder

Nairobi, Kenya

We are looking for an entrepreneurial young professional to help us build the business in our portfolio, making them ready and desirable for investment. If you want to work where business and development meet, apply!

About us

Impacc is an international social business investor that creates green jobs for poor people in the bottom of pyramid communities. We build and scale businesses where markets don’t yet work for them. We find innovative business models that have the potential to create local, green jobs, often with a franchise approach. These businesses wouldn’t be able to compete on the open market because of market barriers such as lack of skills, social norms, conflict, etc. That’s why we combine aid with revenue generation where markets fail to meet basic human needs. For more information, visit

Your Role

You will play a key role in driving all ventures forward: seconded by Impacc, you act as an advisor and counterpart for all the ventures in Impacc portfolio. To do this you will support the operational implementation of production, sales and general company management. You will liaise with our German team to run funding campaigns and support us building the general infrastructure to scale-up ventures in Bottom of Pyramid markets in Africa.

Specifically, you will:

  • Advise on the production process of ventures in several workshops in across different countries
  • Track growth milestone realization of investee ventures, and creating proper portfolio reports to the various stakeholders including representation on relevant boards of investments.
  • Support in the attainment of milestones agreed between Impacc and the ventures in different cohorts
  • Advise on the implementation of growth and scale strategies aligned to investment injection for all the ventures, factoring in growth in customer segmentation, price points and sales strategies
  • Take lead in the implementation of a digital management and sales tracking system that allows us to multiply production units with minimal efforts
  • Work closely with the international team that develops our digital scaling platform.
  • Contribute to the overall scale-up strategy of all the ventures
  • Track and followup all growth milestone attainment to ensure that all funding milestones are met
  • Liaise closely with the German team to run organizational campaigns; work closely with the founders and management team of Impacc.

Your Profile

A passionate self-starter who wants to use the tools of business to drive social change: You love to identify the most pressing problems and to solve them in creative and pragmatic ways. You are a self-starter with a passion for networking. You strive for excellence in what you do, at the same time you dream about improving the world.

A cool head (as demonstrated by a top university degree), a hot heart (as demonstrated by engagement in social causes), and strong hands (as demonstrated by an ability to get things done).

You share our values: Impatient optimists. Create momentum. Down to earth and humane. Doer mentality. Curious to learn and change. Bubbling with ideas.


  • 3+ years of relevant job experience
  • University degree or equivalent education
  • Strong analytical and conceptual thinking skills
  • Empathetic and the ability to quickly understand someone else’s context
  • Willing to work in a startup environment
  • Strong communication skills, translating between contexts and continents
  • Self-driven “take-the-lead” mindset
  • Willingness to travel to the ventures in the field as well as networking constantly with colleagues in Africa and Germany. The role will be based in Nairobi, Kenya.

What we offer

Be part of an innovative and growing team that wants to create sustainable social impact for poor people. Work performance will be judged on results. We want you to grow into the job, depending on positive performance, your responsibilities will increase with time.

How to apply

Send your CV and cover letter to, with the title “Application for Social Venture Builder Role”. Deadline is 11th March 2022


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