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A Journey of Diversity, Innovation, and Personal Growth

What’s your name and role at Impacc?

My name is Alexandra Bueschler, and I am the executive assistant & project administrator at Impacc. For more than 20 years, I have supported the management of many startups in developing and introducing structures for the back office.

What has your journey been like at Impacc?

It’s been almost a year since I joined Impacc, and what an incredible journey I have had! This was my first time working in a non-profit organization, which made my career journey quite different and exciting. What I like most about working here is there are no two days the same! Every day comes with its own sets of tasks, and I work with people from different backgrounds and cultures, which make me appreciate the diversity of Impacc and how epic my job is

What does your work entail?

My tasks are very diverse: financial tasks like accounting, salaries, and overseeing the Impacc donation platform, but also travel planning for team meetings, as well as communication with donors and other stakeholders.

What has been your favorite part of this job?

One of my favorite parts of the job is the opportunity to connect with Africa, a continent I've visited for the first time this year. When you meet people from another continent and connect with them, you get new perspectives and insights about life, which is incredible because you learn; there are different realities in life.

What do you find unique about Impacc?

As a non-profit, Impacc approach is unique. The moving from traditional ways of charity to an effective way of making a difference through funding African businesses and not projects is innovative. Ultimately, the return of Impacc funding to startups is not measured in dividends but in the number of jobs created and lives improved. This is so outstanding because this way, we are making a change that will last forever.

What’s your productivity trick?

Simple, eat the frog first! It means identifying the most difficult tasks of the day or tasks that are due and completing them before I do any other work immediately after my morning routine. Also, if you have to eat two frogs, eat the bigger one first and thank me later.

What keeps you grounded?

First of all, my family because they remind me east or west home is the best, and then being outdoors camping, hiking, or just cycling around because this makes me happy and active.

Alexandra Bueschler

Executive Assistant & Projekt-Administration
Alexandra has a degree in business administration and has supported the management of many start-ups over the last 20 years, developing and introducing structures for the back office. Whether agile project management, office management, accounting or payment management, Alex has always keep the balls up in the air. Through a school partnership in Tanzania, she has experienced that help for self-help often only needs start-up funding, because the know-how is available. When Alexandra is not thinking about process improvements, she is on the road by bike or motorhome.

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