Empowering African Start-ups for Sustainable Success

Venture Builder Shares Insights on Fostering Growth, Collaboration, and Environmental Stewardship in the African Start-up Ecosystem

What’s your Name and role at Impacc?

My name is Allan Obilo, and I’m the venture builder at Impacc. My job involves supporting and advising the start-ups on their financial analysis, production, marketing, jobs tracking, and operation process. I also track growth milestone realization of investee ventures, create a proper portfolio for the start-ups, and offer support in attaining milestones agreed upon between Impacc and the start-ups in different cohorts.

What’s your background?

I am a passionate venture builder who has worked with early-stage and growth-stage start-ups across diverse geographies and sectors in Africa to reengineer their business models and offer advisory support on financial analysis, impact investing, and marketing.

What do you like most about Impacc?

Teamwork, support, and collaboration! It goes a long way in ensuring we deliver every big project we work on. I also like the flexible work-life balance.

What do you like doing the most in your role?

It is working with the founders of the ventures to implement strategies (financial controls, impact measurement, corporate governance strategies, etc) that would see them scale their businesses.

What are the things you’ve done while working at Impacc that you’re the proudest about?

Working together with the start-ups to design, test and implement systems that create efficiencies in financial management for the start-ups.

How do you recharge?

Having a nature walk, biking or gardening, and planting trees to preserve the natural environment.

What is one belief that you’ve had your whole life that you think has helped you become who you are today?

Give your best at your duties or responsibilities.

Allan Obilo

Social Venture Builder
Allan is a passionate venture builder expert who worked with early-stage and growth-stage enterprises across diverse geographies and sectors to reengineer their business process and offers advisory support. Furthermore, he has been a business research consultant at Intellecp Advisory Services. Allan graduated from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, majoring in Finance. Aside work, Allan is an environmental enthusiast, who enjoys gardening and planting trees to preserve the natural environment.

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