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Meet the Digital Product Manager Who’s Connecting Continents and Companies

What is your name and role at Impacc?

My name is Ann-Katrin Maier, but most people call me Anka. I’m the digital product manager at Impacc, meaning I take care of everything digital, with a focus on the B2B platform. I also ensure we have a great website that guarantees a nice digital customer journey. I hold a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management.

What excites you most about Impacc?

When I was looking for a new job, I didn’t just want a product manager job, but I was looking for a purpose. Through Impacc, I found my purpose and a role I am passionate about, which makes me happy that I can contribute my skills to a good purpose. I believe business can lead to something good for people, and seeing Impacc doing that and making a difference in Africa through effective development aid inspires me. Something else that excites me about Impacc is the team diversity: We have a blend of Africans and Europeans, 50% women, 50% men, and also young and old, which is really good because we get to learn from each other.

How does your work impact Impacc‘s mission?

Impacc’s mission is to create jobs in underprivileged markets, and the B2B platform I have developed is helping connect donor companies with the start-ups we support that create jobs. So in the long run, this platform will keep the financial flow from Europe to Africa going, thus impacting entrepreneurs and their communities. On the other hand, I will be launching the Impacc website soon which will also inform people and attract more interest in our organization, and therefore helping Impacc’s mission of impacting Africa through business.

What has been your proudest moment at Impacc?

Meeting all the founders of the innovative start-ups, Impacc supports and talking with them about how we can help them measure their sustainable development goals and their impact. All the founders are super energetic and have strong personalities, which have helped them overcome many hurdles in the business ecosystem. They believe in their business, they believe in the market, and they think not only about their business models but about impacting their communities. And for me, that is really amazing! 5. If you were to summarize your career so far into a book, what would be the title? Coming from Business and finding good human purpose. Something like that! What’s special about my career is that despite studying something really dry and not creative [Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management], I’ve still found my way to make it pretty creative. Through Impacc, I found a job where I can use the skills I studied and still be creative with them. So if I was to summarize my career book, it will be all about the interesting journey I have gone through. From taking care of automotive spare parts to creating digital products, and now to helping build local sustainable businesses in Sub-Sahara Africa.

When you are not working, what are you most likely to be doing?

I’m a super sporty girl! I either go bouldering, climbing, running, cycling, or swimming because I am training for a triathlon. Aside from my sports activities, I mostly like engaging with people, friends, and family because I’m super interested in how people feel about things and what is going on in their lives.

What’s your most used emoji and why?

I like using the hug emoji most, because you can use it to express most of your feelings, Be it happiness, empathy, or even gratitude among others.

Ann-Katrin Maier

Digital Product Manager
Anka is an experienced product manager for digital customer journey. Before joining Impacc, she was responsible for the digital customer journey for van customers at Mercedes-Benz Germany, but much preferred to tinker with a social media platform for surfers in her free time. Anka studied in Germany and China and has a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. When Anka is not exploring different countries, you can find her cycling, or in Berlins Boulder Gym’s.

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