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Empowering Africa’s Future: An Interview with Anne Lawi, Managing Director of Impacc

What’s your name and role?

Anne Lawi, Managing Director, Africa.

Briefly tell us about your role and background?

My Role is to inspire Impacc’s vision of building and investing in high-impact businesses across Africa that have the potential to generate massive green jobs as they provide services to low-income communities. This requires a unique set of skills and attributes due to the specific economic, political, and social dynamics in the African continent, such as how to navigate complex and diverse markets as Africa is a continent of tremendous diversity, with varying levels of economic development, political stability, and cultural nuances across its countries.

I have a masters in Strategic Management and over 18 years of experience in startup investment and startup innovation ecosystem building.

How would you describe your management style?

I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, as the effectiveness of a management style depends on various factors such as; the situation at hand, organizational culture, intended outcome, progress made, challenges at hand etc.

That said, I find myself balancing between developing the skills and abilities of our team members through mentoring, guidance, and constructive feedback while supporting and empowering them to reach their full potential. As this fosters a collaborative and engaged work environment.

What excites you most about working with Impacc?

Alignment of my Why purpose with those of Impacc such as:

  • Purpose and Meaning: Impacc has a clear sense of purpose and a commitment to unlock capital for African-founded ventures that are making a positive impact in society aligns with and inspires my excitement to keep grinding
  • Innovation and Creativity: I love the freedom to generate new ideas, experiment with different approaches, and take calculated risks, as part of the innovation experience journey
  • Learning and Development: Opportunities to share my knowledge and skills as I learn from others in the organization.

What personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?

Resolve to get things done.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re proud of?

Setting up from scratch our Impacc Investment model and process, though still a work in progress, I’m pretty glad about the progress made so far.

What topic could you give an hour-long presentation on with little to no preparation?

Building investable pipelines, Fundraising, and Partnerships, as well as Innovation as a catalyst for scalable businesses.

If you were to write a memoir about your life, what would you title it?

Down sideways.

If you could pick any superpower, what would it be and why?

Mindreading – Of course to know what goes through people’s mind.


Anne Lawi

Managing Director, Africa
Anne catalyzes innovation through social businesses that stimulate economy in Africa by creating an enabling environment to harness skills, provide technical expertise and capital, to spur and accelerate social-economic transformation. Increased job creation and improved quality of life at the base of the pyramid. She has over fifteen years’ experience in Business strategy modeling and startup investment & facilitation, working with various incubation Lab across Africa. Anne also serves as Vice Chair Person at The Association for Start Up and SME Enablers of Kenya (ASSEK).

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