Bridging Continents and Hearts for Pro Bono Impact

Spokesperson Ensures Increased Awareness of Sustainable, African Start-ups

What’s your name and role?

My name is Jannes Vahl from Hamburg, Germany. I am the pro bono spokesperson for Impacc from the first days on and support in all manners of international communication.

What sort of duties does your role entail?

I work with Impacc from strategies to all forms of text, but as a role description, I create communication occasions for journalists, find and mail them, talk to them, answer their questions and provide them with any information they need.  I also take care of press releases, start-up trips, events or conferences.

Why did you choose to support Impacc on a pro bono service?

I was looking for a sustainable business idea on the African continent and the Impacc CEO found me. Most of all I totally believe in the ideas and the energy of the African founders we support with capacity building and green money.

How has your experience been so far?

Shaky. I am totally used to all kinds of start-up issues from ideas to challenges in the team, but founders of the start-ups Impacc supports are able to keep on surprising me with spectacular unpredictable moves. On the other side, we build up something really great here.

What’s one thing you are proud about in your role working for Impacc?

Most definitely being part of our international team.

If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick?

Actually I don’t care that much, but maybe WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Spider Solitaire.

What hobby or interest do you wish you could get more people into?

I somehow dedicated my last two decades to match wonderful people to the most different honorary work or projects. I founded four NGOs and nonprofits with great teams, so I am very aware of donating time, ideas or money and what all of this is worth. These gifts are warming my heart every time after all these years. So this is an interest I would like to see many people pursue.

Jannes Vahl

PR & Communication
Jannes is the managing director of fair narrative. The journalistic and activist platform offers communication for sustainable campaigns, initiatives, authorities, brands or companies. In addition to Impacc, he currently covers topics such as the situation of refugees at the EU’s external border, hygiene for the homeless, and personalities such as Arved Fuchs as a press officer. For twenty years, Jannes has worked as a journalist, for ten he has founded non-profit entities such as Clubkinder e.V., the international species conservation NGO Nepada Wildlife, or GoBanyo and for thirty he tries basketball and reading books.

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