Co-founder of Impacc, Pioneering Sustainable Impact in Africa

Driving Growth, Jobs, and Transformation Through Innovative Financing Solutions.

What’s your name and role at Impacc?

My name is Jochen Moninger. I co-founded Impacc as an alternative financing option for impactful companies in Africa. I support the organization in programmatic and business development.

Briefly tell us about your background.

I hold a Master’s in Business Administration and a Magister Artium in Human Geography. I have been working in different African countries since 2006. In my career, I mastered activities along the full value chain of development cooperation. I specialize in the sector of private sector promotion, applying different tools to grow businesses and create jobs in Africa.

What inspired Impacc to be started?

Impacc is a solution to provide philanthropic capital to impactful businesses in Africa. It was created to tackle two main challenges: defeat the “end-of-project” in development aid and use scaling as a mechanism for impact.

Why Africa and not any other continent?

I do live on the continent and I can confirm that Africa is of manifold opportunities. In the future, we would like to expand Impacc to Asian countries.

Could you share a moment from your time as Impacc co-founder that you consider particularly impactful or rewarding?

It is the passion of my co-founder Dr Till Wahnbaeck who manages to climb all the stairs and open doors where you think they were closed. He is an excellent transaction manager with an eye for detail. Also, Anne, our managing director in Africa her passion for speaking and creating enthusiasm for our venture audience is great.

How do you see Impacc changing in the next five years?

We hope to transform the organization during the coming years. It will mean establishing competent skills in sourcing, contracting, and growing African businesses. We need to build a network of experts who can assist Impacc on this, whether full or part-time. We will establish a building competence that will offer plug-play skills to African entrepreneurs and their teams.

When you have free time outside of your work commitments, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy the most?

For hobbies, I play football and tennis. However, in most of my free time, I love supporting entrepreneurs while also strategizing with my friends about scaling solutions for different initiatives.

I am also engaged in eco-systems, for example, I was elected to the Board of the German Embassy School in Addis Ababa (DBSAA).

What keeps you grounded?

My three teenage kids, wife, and family.



Jochen Moninger

Jochen, a human geographer with an Executive MBA from EMST Berlin, is a seasoned development professional who has spent decades working in West and East Africa with local community-based organisations. As country director in West Africa and later Head of Innovation for Welthungerhilfe, he created and led the organisation’s global social business portfolio with award-winning innovations such as the Child Growth Monitor. The Child Growth Monitor is a new way to detect child malnutrition via digital technology.

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