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What is your role and contribution to Impacc’s mission?

My name is Keit Silale  and I’m a multimedia Storyteller. My role involves producing content in different formats for Impacc digital platforms and helping Jannes to do PR work in Africa. 

What aspect of Impacc’s work resonates with you the most?

I joined Impacc because its mission of supporting Africa entrepreneurs to solve the continent’s problems resonated well with my purpose of changing Africa narrative through storytelling. I also like what Impacc is doing when it comes to effective development aid. I’ve grown up in a community where most people depended on development aid, which mostly were in the form of food, water or education sponsorships among others. When the project ends the people go back to square one which was of course poverty. So to see an NGO like Impacc doing the opposite which is more effective makes me happy and honored to be part of the journey.

Could you share a moment from your time at Impacc that you consider particularly impactful or rewarding?

To me the best fulfilling moments at Impacc are the moments I spend with startups we support in their areas of duties. As much as I’m always there to dig and produce stories, my engagement with them leaves me inspired and hopeful for a better Africa and better world.

When you have free time outside of your commitments, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy the most?

Well, you can most likely find me at the gym, taking care of my plants or just reading non-fiction books while enjoying my varieties of tea.

If you were to choose just one emoji to represent your personality, which one would it be and why?

The smiley face emoji which express happiness, gratitude and positive energy,  because I have a warm personality and I always like to radiate positive energy to everyone around me.

Imagine you’re writing your autobiography, and you can choose one word or phrase as the title that reflects your journey with Impacc. What would that title be, and what does it signify to you?

The Future is Africa will definitely be the title haha. It will be all about the innovativeness and resilience of Africa youths who are so hungry to make the continent the future of the world in their own little ways. 

Keit Silale

Social Media Storyteller
Sidale has a substantial experience in the media production industry with an insatiable appetite for changing the African Narrative. Her work has been published in both local and international outlets which include, Switch Tv, Al Jazeera English, ITV News, Mongabay News, and The Daily Beast among others. She is really excited to bring positive stories about Africa to life through working with Impacc by showcasing how its ventures are driving change. When not working you are most likely to find Silale in a cosy corner reading non-fiction books or watching football. Her zeal for storytelling gets its flair from her passion for reading books.

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