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Crafting Impacc’s Brand Strategy: Insights from Wolf Schäfer

What’s your name and role at Impacc?

I’m Wolf Schäfer. My role is Brand Strategy development, Marketing and Communication

What has your journey been like?

I started in the very beginning, during conception, before Impacc actually existed as such. I’ve known Till for a long time and he asked me for advice when beginning thinking about it.

What aspect of Impacc’s work resonates with you the most?

The idea of rethinking development aid, making it more effective by supporting socio-ecological African start-ups.

What’s your proudest moment at Impacc?

When our website and first campaign went online. And our first venture financing.

What’s your productivity trick?

Lists. Lists. Lists. To have a work order, free your mind to focus on the task at hand and not forget anything.

What is one work skill that you think everyone should have?

Self-responsibility and -initiative.




Wolfgang Schäfer

Head of Branding
Passionate Marketer with a focus on Branding

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