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The Challenge

Low Productivity, Poor Market Access & Distribution

Smallholder farmers in Africa face numerous challenges, including low productivity, limited access to markets, and lack of pricing information. These farmers often have no choice but to sell their produce in markets with low demand or through exploitative intermediaries. Limited market access and long distances to wholesale markets contribute to post-harvest losses, impeding the economic development of rural areas. Addressing these challenges and improving food distribution are crucial for enhancing food security and empowering rural communities.



The innovation

Providing Farmers with Market Linkage

M-shamba, based in Kisumu, Kenya, is a pioneering digital platform that revolutionizes farming practices and connects smallholder farmers to fair and rewarding markets. With a focus on improving productivity and profitability, M-shamba provides digital learning resources on agronomy, regenerative agriculture, and food safety to farmers through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services, USSD, and interactive SMS. The platform utilizes data to match market demand with supply availability from farms, creating a ready market for farmers. By leveraging technology, M-shamba improves market access, enhances agricultural practices, and enables sustainable farming enterprises.


Why M-Shamba?

What is special about the company M-shamba is that it is not only a provider of a digital platform but also a company that facilitates business relationships outside the digital space. M-shamba organises farmers into groups, which it also invites to trainings. The platform connects farmers with markets, but also fosters direct relationships between buyers and farmers. This connection was impossible in the past because of middlemen. This combination of digital and analogue services convinces us because it can enable a structural change for smallholder farmers. 


Key Facts

Start-Up Impact

  • Increasing Smallholder farmers income increase by 60%, which secures the livelihood
  • Increasing farmers productivity by 35%
  • Increasing vendor profitability by 20%
  • Tackling the food problem through higher yielding crops
  • Reducing post harvest losses by 80%
  • Addressing the problem of poor food distribution across regions


Meet the Founder

Calvince Okello

Founder and CEO of M-shamba

Calvince Okello is the visionary Founder and CEO of M-shamba, an agritech start-up empowering smallholder farmers. With a focus on improving food security and supporting farmers in climate change adaptation, Calvince has led the way in providing market access and delivering climate-smart agriculture content through mobile phones. His expertise and dedication drive M-shamba's mission to create profitable farming enterprises and uplift rural communities.

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