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The Challenge

Lack of Access to Financing and Quality Inputs

Smallholder farmers in the western part of Kenya face significant challenges related to limited access to credit and quality farm inputs. This hampers their ability to increase productivity and generate sufficient income, resulting in a poor quality of life. Additionally, the absence of public extension services exacerbates the situation, leaving farmers without adequate agronomic knowledge and post-harvest technologies. Addressing these challenges is crucial for improving food security and sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers.



The innovation

Bundled Products, Services, and Financing for Farmers

Marbi Agrics, a social agri-tech start-up based in Mumias, Kenya, offers a comprehensive solution by providing smallholder farmers with quality farm inputs on credit. They supply hybrid seeds such as maize, beans, and groundnuts, along with fertilizers, organic kitchen garden seeds, tree seedlings, and brooded chickens. Additionally, Marbi Agrics provides essential training and agronomic services delivered by top agronomists, enabling farmers to strengthen their efforts and enhance productivity. The bundled products, tailored repayment options, and training empower local farmer groups, particularly women, fostering economic collaboration and market interaction.


Why Marbi Agrics?

Marbi founder Bernadette’s ability to spot opportunities and seize them is second to none. The founder sees the challenges of farmers in remote areas with an eye for solutions. The company started by providing credit, but then realised that this was not enough to improve farmers’ livelihoods and added the provision of poultry to the same farmers. Eventually, the production of poultry feed was added to provide a holistic service to poultry farmers – all always with the aim of improving farmers’ livelihoods from a single source.


Key Facts

Start-Up Impact

  • Sustainable income for farming communities through value addition at farm level
  • Benefiting of direct link to local and international markets
  • Fighting hunger by securing food supply
  • Women and youth empowerment
  • Encourage farmer organisation to access training to ensure crop longevity and capacity building for better yields


Meet the Founder

Bernadette Mwanza

Founder & CEO of Marbi Agrics

Bernadette Mwanza, the passionate Founder and CEO of Marbi Agrics Ltd, brings over 15 years of experience in the sugar industry as a General Manager. With expertise in project management, advisory roles, and business expansion, Bernadette is dedicated to empowering rural communities. Her vision is to supply farmers with the necessary tools and financing to uplift themselves from poverty and hunger, improving their overall livelihoods. Bernadette's commitment to rural community empowerment drives Marbi Agrics' mission and impact.

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