Earning money while cooking with noah stove


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



The collaboration ended in Juni 2023.

The Challenge

Indoor Open Fire Cooking

The reliance on open wood fires for cooking in Africa poses a significant challenge with far-reaching consequences. This traditional cooking method contributes to deforestation, leading to environmental degradation and a loss of valuable natural resources. Moreover, the smoke generated from these fires poses health risks, especially to women who are exposed to harmful fumes and are at a higher risk of lung diseases. Additionally, the high cost of firewood places a financial burden on households, particularly those in poverty, limiting their economic opportunities.



The innovation

A Sustainable Solution for Efficient Cooking

Noah Stove, headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has developed an innovative gasifier stove to address the challenges posed by traditional cooking methods. The Noah Stove gasifier utilizes a unique process that transforms wood into charcoal instead of burning it to ash during the cooking process. This approach not only reduces the reliance on firewood by up to 60% but also generates charcoal that can be reused as fuel or converted into biochar—an organic fertilizer that enhances long-term soil fertility. The stove is constructed sustainably using clay, straw, and water, with the burning chamber made from repurposed oil cans. This design ensures lower surface temperatures, minimizing burn risks and promoting safer cooking practices.


Why Noah Stove?

Noah Stove goes beyond providing a clean and efficient cooking solution. It empowers women by creating income-generating opportunities while they cook. By utilizing the Noah Stove, women can not only prepare meals but also engage in entrepreneurial activities such as selling charcoal derived from the gasification process. This additional income contributes to their financial independence and improves the livelihoods of their families. The production of Noah Stoves locally using available materials supports local economies and creates job opportunities, further enhancing social and economic development.


Key Facts

Start-Up Impact

  • Money savings on fire wood
  • Stove cost made up through savings after 2.2 months
  • Income opportunity selling charcoal
  • Up to 60% less firewood used
  • Slowing of deforestation rate
  • 1.941t reduction in CO₂ emissions per stove per year
  • Smaller risk of lung diseases through smoke inhalation
  • Lower burn risk due to lower surface temperature (<30°C)

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