How Impacc Selects Ventures

We look for green ideas that create jobs and have early proof of success.

We constantly review hundreds of projects and prototypes in areas of extreme poverty. Of those, we select the few that have proven potential to become a sustainable business and to create green jobs, especially for women.

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Our main criteria for selection

Innovative, eco-friendly business solutions contributing to social change

Social change and climate control can go hand in hand. We support the most innovative, sustainable ideas that won’t create new problems down the road.

Local technology serving local markets

We are convinced that those experiencing the problems are usually best-situated to solve them. Locally developed technology is most likely to meet local needs and easiest to maintain in the long run. In order to maximise the benefit for the local community, we focus on projects serving local consumers but also increase income throughout the value chain, sourcing from local suppliers and including local, especially rural distribution.

Scalable through our micro-franchise approach

The greatest need for investment is in underserved, unstable markets for businesses at the growth stage. When the concept has been proven by first success, but the risk is still too high for investors looking for reliable returns. We help businesses grow into a stable operations and scale and franchise their success to other regions and countries, thereby maximising impact wherever it is most needed.